Three More Days….

In just under an hour, I will have only 3 full work days left until my lovely vacation starts!!  Am I going anywhere or doing anything special?  Not really..  My husband and I want to go river bank camping this weekend with the boys, simply because we promised them a camping trip and unfortunately just can’t pull of a camping trip at the lake at this time, plus it gets us all out of the house for a few days.  Next week, we plan to redo my youngest son’s bedroom, pulling up carpet and putting in a bunk bed.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?  Before you say ‘not really’ just let me say how tired I am of dealing with all these stinking new branches of medicaid.  You see, I am a sonographer but unlike most, I work for a non-profit family care center, NO, NOT Planned Parenthood!!  My job isn’t just to ultrasound all these beautiful little blessings these women have chosen to allow to enter this world, that’s the fun part of my job.  I also deal with all of the billing for the medical clinic we have.  A few years ago, there was one medicaid.  Now that “Obamacare” is in effect, there are five different carriers that are actually all just medicaid.  To be able to take all of these and service as many women as we can, we have to get credentialed with each of these, individually.  I just found out that after submitting all of my paperwork and months of phone calls, emails, and faxes later.. let’s just say that I have to start over because I was somehow sent to the wrong department and it took me quite a few different phone calls this morning just to get on the right track to start all over again.  Yes, I’m in need of a vacation.  Just some time to sit around, get my house in order, and enjoy spending time with my family.

This probably all just seems like boring ranting to most of you, but that’s why I started this blog; just so I could talk about whatever thing popped into my head and today I just wanted to say YAY!!  It’s almost here, I can almost see the end of the week for me and the beginning of ELEVEN days off!!  I’m sure by the end of those days I’ll be counting days until I get to come back to work, because don’t we all often regret getting what we’ve asked for?  But for now, I’m basking in the glory that I’ll soon be on vacation!



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