OM – Harsh Reality: The Latest Terrorist Killing

This is very well said and I agree whole heartedly!

The Blog Woman

I never saw one piece of spam by OM. His blog was one I sought out daily, reading the posts I wanted and ignoring what didn’t interest me.

My guess is that enough people complained and probably lied cause they didn’t like this blog and rather than block it they decided to set a bomb off inside and kill it.

The people that targeted OM are terrorists. They don’t care that there are casualties, the innocent ones that die when you kill your target. His readers have lost his extreme expression that each chose to read for their 51,000 reasons.

They may think it is worth it to rid the earth of this blog they feared: He was indeed An Opinionated Man.

His byline was that he wanted to offend every one of his readers at least once, to remind each of us that we aren’t all that. People were…

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