Spilled Milk

This made me stop and think..
We should all take something from this post!

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Yesterday around supper time, as we were clamoring to our dinner seats and bribing our children to eat their vegetables, a family on the other side of town was frantically searching for their four year old son.

As we were begging our children to just take five more bites of their untouched plates, this family was screaming for their neighbors to help them find their missing boy.

As we were demanding our children just sit still and stop playing around, this family was dialing 911 frantically making a missing child’s report.

As we were finally losing it when our children’s dilly dallying caused their glass of milk to spill across the entire table and pour in a splattering puddle upon the floor, this family and their neighbors and the police canvased the nearby neighborhood looking for this little boy.

As we were frustratingly sopping up the spilled milk, grumbling as…

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