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The Real Reason I Don’t Go To Your Church by Chris Kratzer

No, it’s not the music style, the lighting, or the programs.

No, it’s not that I’m lazy, disinterested, or bent towards worldliness.

In fact, I care deeply about spiritual things, long for community, and have a generous heart for serving people…

Very powerful post, I encourage you to check it out!

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Luck, Fate, Divine Intervention. (Or whatever you want to call it…)

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Paddles, Pringles, and Paths

I’ve lived in the same community for ten years. My children spent a combined 8 years at the local high school. During this time I have gotten to know its people and after moving back “home” to Massachusetts for a brief six months, I came back here to this little New Hampshire town because I love it and this is home. This is where I raised my children. This is where our lives have been. I am one of its people.

When things happen in this town, we feel it. We feel it because, although it’s not a tiny little one stop-sign town, it IS a small town. Names hit the news and these were parents who sat with us on booster committees, the guy that runs the diner downtown, the kids that sat in classes with our kids. You may not KNOW these people, but you know them. And…

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Calling Wildfire in Gatlinberg — aLightningbug

Firefighters are struggling to put out wildfires in Gatlinberg and Sevier County, Tennessee tonight. High winds may return overnight after a calmer day. Sevier County includes the popular Great Smoky Mountains tourist spots Pidgeon Forge and Dollywood. The fires started last week. But a mix of dry weather and extreme winds last night spread flames […]

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My Immediate Beef With Women

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Ladies, I know we don’t have it easy. Since the woman’s rights movement we work HARD every day living in a man’s world from 9-5 and still keeping house and raising kids.

In fact, I totally get it. I have to work 60 hour weeks to bring home LESS than the average man can in 40 hours. After work I come home and clean and bathe the children and help with homework and help pick out school outfits and sign field trip slips and do laundry and prepare for the next day at work and schedule appointments and on and on and on, it seems more days than not.

I get it, it’s exhausting. Sometimes, I think that’s the problem. I don’t think we actually mind our husband’s ability to actually relax. I think we are envious of it.

At least many of us are.

Here’s where my immediate beef…

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Book Review: Bullet Riddled



I received a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review. I was actually not sure how I would feel about this book. I usually stick to fiction, fantasy mostly, so I was nervous about a non-fiction that discussed so many terrible things.
I really enjoyed this book, it was very informative, and not at all as I expected. At first, I wasn’t very impressed by the author, Grant M. Whitus. He just seemed so arrogant and I was almost immediately turned off by his “presence”, then I realized what it was that made me feel that way.. It was all “me, me, me”, or so it seemed. As I mentioned before, I’m not accustomed to autobiographies at all. What I was perceiving as arrogance, was just one man telling HIS own story, how could it not be all about him. Once I was able to reconcile this within myself, I truly enjoyed this book and have recommended it to others.
The book doesn’t just center on the Columbine tragedy, as I first thought it was going to, but on the author’s career and life in general. It was very open, real and raw. The descriptions within each individual story helped me paint visuals in my head in such a way that they each became a bit more personal to me in general. We’ve all (mostly) heard of Columbine, some know more than others, but I was surprised to read about other stories that I recognized, things that really happened, that I’d actually heard of in my small part of the world.. and this man lived each of them. He wrote about the incidences, but more importantly what was learned from each. He and his team have been through so much and cared to not only change what they found lacking, but to share with us all so that we may be aware of what we can do to help keep us all safe. I enjoyed this book and will continue to recommend it.

If you think you’d like to check it out, you can buy it on Amazon.

You can also read more about it on Goodreads.

The Greatness of Gratitude

She makes some great points here!!!  We should all take some cues from this post.

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What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you were grateful for today? Would you have a lot? Or only a little? Were you grateful for your morning coffee? Your children? Spouse? How about your car or the gas that’s in it? Your job? Your friends? A roof over your head? How different would your life really be when you opened your eyes?

What are you most happy about in your life? If you made up a list of ten things, what would be on that list? ( The Seeds 4 Life )

In life, I am most happy;

  1. That we successfully moved back home. Have our own house. A means to pay the bills.
  2. That my husbands cancer numbers are better at every appointment. That as the days pass he grows stronger and the cancer grows weaker.
  3. That we have the strength and love to give the amazing…

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