Luck, Fate, Divine Intervention. (Or whatever you want to call it…)

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Paddles, Pringles, and Paths

I’ve lived in the same community for ten years. My children spent a combined 8 years at the local high school. During this time I have gotten to know its people and after moving back “home” to Massachusetts for a brief six months, I came back here to this little New Hampshire town because I love it and this is home. This is where I raised my children. This is where our lives have been. I am one of its people.

When things happen in this town, we feel it. We feel it because, although it’s not a tiny little one stop-sign town, it IS a small town. Names hit the news and these were parents who sat with us on booster committees, the guy that runs the diner downtown, the kids that sat in classes with our kids. You may not KNOW these people, but you know them. And…

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My Immediate Beef With Women

Listen to her! She’s got a great point!!

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Ladies, I know we don’t have it easy. Since the woman’s rights movement we work HARD every day living in a man’s world from 9-5 and still keeping house and raising kids.

In fact, I totally get it. I have to work 60 hour weeks to bring home LESS than the average man can in 40 hours. After work I come home and clean and bathe the children and help with homework and help pick out school outfits and sign field trip slips and do laundry and prepare for the next day at work and schedule appointments and on and on and on, it seems more days than not.

I get it, it’s exhausting. Sometimes, I think that’s the problem. I don’t think we actually mind our husband’s ability to actually relax. I think we are envious of it.

At least many of us are.

Here’s where my immediate beef…

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Hope Unlimited Baby Bottle Campaign

If you’re looking for a great non-profit to get involved with, here’s a wonderful choice!


“Hope Unlimited Family Care Center is committed to saving and changing lives. Staff, board members, and volunteers provide faith-based hope and ongoing support to individuals and families dealing with many issues including pregnancy, post-abortion trauma, sexual purity, under-employment or unemployment, and other related concerns. Hope Unlimited meets each client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through education, compassionate care, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

This organization offers many programs to meet clients where they are in life and empower them to realize the potential within themselves.  They have services for the entire family!   Please visit their website to learn more. Hope Unlimited

Mother’s Day kicks off one of Hope’s biggest fund raisers, the Baby Bottle Campaign!  This is a month-long campaign that runs from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.  Many churches, businesses and individuals receive empty baby bottles and throughout the month, place their spare change in the bottles and return them to Hope Unlimited.  Change doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a HUGE difference!  Watch this year’s video here.

There’s a new video each year to kickoff this campaign, keep an eye on this organization!

In case you’re curious about what else may be offered, but don’t have time to check out the site, here’s a quick video touching on available services through Hope Unlimited Family Care Center and Medical Clinic.

You can also connect with them on social media:




When You “Hate” Your Kids

So well put! I believe anyone with children can relate to this, whether we admit it or not!

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Peace Hacks


If you have kids you’ll understand what follows.  If you don’t, you’ll probably be horrified.  Rated rRated for less-than-good-parent language.

I have 3 kids.  A 4 year old. A five year old.  An eight year old.  Dark days indeed.  The fighting, whining, disrespect, property damage – all come part and parcel to parenting young children – regardless of what mad skills you might have in your quiver.

Of course I don’t hate my kids, nobody really does.  We just feel, let’s say, a very strong dislike towards them from time to time.  What’s funny/interesting is the difference between how we feel about them when they’re “good,” and how we feel about them when they’re not.  We get warm feelings when they’re playing nice, eating all their food, cleaning up, loving their siblings, sleeping – and very different feelings when they’re doing things that anger us.  They’re not so cute anymore.  The mere…

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I Photoshopped My Ideal Face…

This is a beautiful post!  I hope all of you out there can really hear this message..  You are all beautiful in you own way! ❤

I Photoshopped My “Ideal Face” And It Made Me Feel Like Shit.

The longer I stared at the doctored photo, the more I longed for it.<a class="m-story" data-collapsed="true" href="">I Photoshopped My “Ideal Face” And It Made Me Feel Like Shit.</a>” target=”_blank”>I Photoshopped My Ideal Face


Funds for Shaylyn

I am sharing this because I would want the same for myself if ever in this situation.  I firmly believe this is legitimate and this person has been vouched for by someone I trust.  Please take the time to read this and if you can not help monetarily, then please keep it going.  Help this young mother get the treatment necessary to live longer for her children.

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So this is where it all started

I was at work on Oct. 21st when I got a call from my wife

I was doing irrigation service right around the corner from home (Thank God) and it was the call that no man ever wants to get

Her son who was 38 had just been killed in a high speed car accident outside of Tampa

I say her son because even though we have been married for 26 Yrs. I did very little raising of him

But anyway, that was the start

Then, the week before Christmas our Daughter Shaylyn who is 36 calls to inform my wife that she has adrenal cancer

Bear in mind that she has 2 children and just lost her brother

I say ours because even though she is not my blood, I have raised her since age 8 as my daughter

Anyway, she also…

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