Seven Minutes and Counting…

I have seven minutes until I’m off for the weekend!!  I have a tailgating party with my second grader to attend tomorrow night, then the ballgame to watch my seventh grader play in the marching band (high school game and band).  Saturday, he has a band competition, again.. They actually placed third last week in a competition, which I understand is a first in quite some time for the band!  Sunday, I hope to sit and do nothing but watch football!!

What are all of you doing this weekend??  Whatever it is, I wish you all a fun and safe weekend!!

Peace out..


Hi there, it’s just me…

I just thought I’d re-introduce myself.

My name is Stephanie, I am a sonographer by day but my more grueling (and rewarding) jobs are wife to my husband of 9 yrs (we’ve actually been together for 17 yrs!) and mom to my two beautiful boys!  I am also now a marching band mom as my oldest is in his first year of marching band and loving it!  My youngest is in 2nd grade, where does the time go?

I have other blogs and have used them in the past mainly for reviewing books and book tours.  I had to stop doing that although I very much love to read, because I was spending way too much time on it and needed to reconnect with my family.  I have since really wanted a blog where I could just write whatever I feel like writing whenever I feel like it (and get the time).  I can’t say right now how often I’ll be posting but I usually have something to say about many random things.

I am an extrovert, an extreme extrovert actually and I do talk a lot, as my mainly introverted husband would definitely attest to.  As I said, my main goal for this blog is to just have a place to say whatever’s on my mind.  I will often voice my opinion on controversial subjects and while I don’t mean to judge anyone for what they do or believe, I’m sure some will be offended at some point.  Just remember, this is merely my own opinion and I don’t in any way wish to try to force my ideas on anyone else, so if you do get offended, please just move on and I hope you keep reading because quite likely you will agree with me on some other idea I have.

It’s my Friday so I’m going to pick up my baritone playing 7th grader from practice and head home to relax and hopefully force myself to walk on the treadmill.  Have a great weekend everyone, maybe you’ll be hearing from me soon….