Luck, Fate, Divine Intervention. (Or whatever you want to call it…)

I’m happy I stumbled onto this blog today! Very powerful post!


Paddles, Pringles, and Paths

I’ve lived in the same community for ten years. My children spent a combined 8 years at the local high school. During this time I have gotten to know its people and after moving back “home” to Massachusetts for a brief six months, I came back here to this little New Hampshire town because I love it and this is home. This is where I raised my children. This is where our lives have been. I am one of its people.

When things happen in this town, we feel it. We feel it because, although it’s not a tiny little one stop-sign town, it IS a small town. Names hit the news and these were parents who sat with us on booster committees, the guy that runs the diner downtown, the kids that sat in classes with our kids. You may not KNOW these people, but you know them. And…

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I’m raising someone’s husband

Such a beautiful post! I know I feel this way, and I’m sure many of you other boy mom’s out there do as well!

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Mama Swartwood

I’mraising someone’s husband.

This is the thought that’s been rocking my brain for the past few weeks. It doesn’t even need to be said that every new parent is petrified of what kind of job they’re going to do at raising their children, so here’s just one new momma’s inside look.

I grew up in a household where my parents were very good at expressing their love for each other. Never a phone call, a good bye, a hello, a good job – nothing in our household went without an “I love you.”

But, nothing lasts forever and what I thought was written in the stars, crumbled so suddenly it sent me into a frantic sense of being that nothing can last forever.

Now, I’ve made it a point that I will show my kids just how much I love their father. That even if they happen to…

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Are You Smarter Than A 3RD Grader??

Apparently not..

So, a couple of weeks ago when I realized my 8th grader would be taking pre-algebra this year, I was actually excited!  Yes, the nerd in me came out full bloom.  I always loved algebra, and was pretty good at it.  Of course, he hasn’t needed my help much at all, to my dismay..

My 3rd grader on the other hand…  Not so lucky.  He has these flash cards he has to study for his math vocabulary test coming up.  As moms do, I was attempting to help him but it was the first time studying these and he didn’t know them much at all.  This meant I had to explain to him what it meant, and help him find a way to remember the definitions.  This was going quite well, until we came to this:


What??  What does that even mean??  How could I explain this to my son if I didn’t have a clue what it meant myself??  So I turned to Google, an act that I’ve gotten quite familiar with since helping my oldest with homework when he was in elementary.


Seriously?  Luckily they had a link to examples..


You’ve got to be kidding me?!?!?  Why the hell didn’t they just say estimating or rounding?  Could they not have put that little hint on the back of the flash card?  All of the others had examples, why not this one?  This was quite a few minutes we’ll never get back.  Searching Google just to help my 3rd grader with his homework, suddenly I’m not feeling very intelligent.

In my opinion, the way they taught us math all those years ago worked quite well.. Why did they have to go changing the way they teach now?  All these weird definitions and don’t get me started on the methods they use to solve problems these days!  That’s a whole other post in itself!