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I’m A Troll…

So, I am a member of a now hiring group for my area on Facebook…  I have a job that I love, most of the time, but I was on there to help my friend who doesn’t have acces at the moment.  I noticed a man who continually posted rude comments anytime someone posted asking what jobs were out there.  Call m me crazy, but I thought that’s what the group was for.  He would say things like “go out and look for a job”.  Whenever confronted about it, he would say that they should get off of the couch and go find a job if they really wanted one.  I had had enough and told him not to be an ass.  He actualy lit into me, saying that if I didn’t like what he said, don’t read it.. then he called me a troll!  Really??  Yes, I commented to somene clearly not speaking to me, but I wasn’t the one going through posts on a job search group and bashing people for actually having the nerve to ask about area jobs.  Yes, I saw his point about actually going out and applying, but that’s much easier to do if you know who’s hiring in the first place, right?  Yes, I was scrolling through, reading posts of people asking for jobs, but in doing that, I was able to pass on to my friend local businesses looking for help.
Needless to say, a cyberspace war has seemed to erupted!  He keeps repying to me and others have joined in to let him know what an ass he really is being.  I’m bored with it and will probably not reply to him again, but I’ve now been called a troll!!  There you go, HarsH ReaLiTy, I’m now a troll, too!  Does this mean I’ve finally arrived??  LOL