Turn your Complaints into Smiles!

I love this!! We should all strive to be more like this!!


This morning I awoke to the typical buzz of my alarm clock echoing through my room. Rolling across the bed, I frantically waved my hand through the black hole of an eternal space until, finally, it came into contact with the “off” button. Ahhh, silence! I dressed, then found my way downstairs to the coffee pot.

As I walked into the kitchen it was clean, dishes were done. “Bet Sis did that last night,” I thought, remembering that my sister had stayed the night and had mentioned something about doing the dishes on my way to bed the night before.

I walked over to our coffee pot, which is temporarily on top of the microwave until we get the rest of our counters built. There was coffee residue covering the top of the microwave and dripping down the sides. Old coffee spills sprinkled with coffee grounds and topped with a…

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